Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Art blog

This is my drawing of a scooter, scissors, glue stick and mug. I am very proud of it 
because I have never sketched before.
I had to go to some workshops to learn how to do the shading properly.
I had to copy from an actual object to help get the size and shape right.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Running Pose

This is me in a running pose for my PE blog post. I can't say much more because I can't do PE at the moment because of my legs.  

My Writing

My writing is about the legend of the golden snail by Graeme Base. It starts off with a boy and his cat sailing to find the golden snail. They reach a island but when the boy hopped onto the island then it shook. When the boy jumped back into the boat he saw it was giant crab stuck in a gigantic net. After the boy chopped the net and set the crab free. He sailed on till he found a large island. When the boy hopped off the boat and onto the island he saw this tiny golden shell. He tried to grab it but then it came out of the sand it was a large flying snail. He jumped on the snail with his cat and flew back to his home town.
                      THE END

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Takeaway and Adding

                 My  maths blog post

This is my takeaway and adding strategy
math_symbols_bouncing_text_backdrop_md_wm (1).gif
65 + 33=98
93 - 42=51
60 + 25=35

45 - 23=22

Saturday, 29 October 2016

My visit to school...

My visit to school... 

One day when I got up mum told me that we were going to go to school today, and I said when.  Mum said at lunch time, and even better it was sausage sizzle and mufti day.
When it was the time I got into my wheel chair and got onto the deck, mum lifted me out of the wheel chair and into the front seat of the car and I had 2 big pillows to support my legs.
When we got to school mum lifted me back into the wheel chair and into the school grounds.

Back to Hospital again...

Back to Hospital again...

After I had been into hospital for my operation I had to go back again after two weeks so that some new casts could be put on my legs, so that my stitches could be taken out and the surgeon could check that everything was o.k.
Once again we were back at the hospital really early in the morning! This time I didn't have to stay but we went to the Day Surgery Waiting Room, we waited to be called in and we went down to the bed that I was going to be using for my time there. I had to put my special gown on again and wait for my turn in the theatre.
My Dad took me down to the theatre again when it was my turn and waited with me while they gave me the special medicine to put me to sleep. This time I was asked what sort of cast I would like - my first casts were plaster but these ones were going to be fibre glass and you can have different colours or patterns. I could choose paws or dinosaurs - I chose paws!
I wasn't in the theatre or recovery for very long this time. Everything went really well - the old casts were cut off, my wounds were checked and looked o.k., some stitches were removed, and then the new casts were put on with paws all over them. I was back in my bed at the Day Surgery in no time, sitting up and eating an ice block!
I wasn't allowed to put any weight on my feet for a few hours after this second visit to theatre but when I was allowed to the Physio people came and helped me to try a walking frame and also crutches.. very scary trying to walk when I wasn't allowed to for 2 weeks! The walking frame was a lot easier to use than the crutches so since  I have been home I am trying to use the walking frame as much as possible.
I have the paw print casts on for 6 weeks and then they will be changed again. The last casts will be on my feet for 4 weeks and then I will have them off permanently and go into some modified shoes.
Can't wait!

By Reuben Pope

My time off school

My time off school...

When it was my first day with casts on I stayed in bed making a big K'nex Land Rocket that my Mum and Dad gave me. It took all morning! After lunch I decided to build some more things and started on some Meccano I'd been given, the Meccano was quite hard to build because it was very small. We also had lots of visitors those first couple of days I was home and I was given lots of interesting things to do to keep my mind busy while I was recovering.
My Mum stayed at home with me during the two weeks I had to stay home from school. I really enjoyed coming into school to visit everyone on the Mufti Day - I hadn't been away from my house since I went home from hospital!
It was fun having time of school but I need to go back to school because I have been away for a very long time of school and because I have not done any tasks on the tracking sheet.